Beginning With Two Main Types Of Implants

    These are known as the endosteal and the subperiosteal. These are generally the most common types of dental implants chicago patients would be offered. Endosteal implants will be placed directly into the jawbone. Subperiosteal implants, on the other hand, will be placed under the gum. It will also be placed on or above the jawbone. The endosteal implant is usually made from titanium. And it comes in the shape of small screws.

    The subperiosteal implant usually applies to those patients who do not have sufficient healthy natural jawbone. They cannot undergo a bone augmentation that would usually be required to rebuild the jawbone. There are a few techniques that will be used to rebuild the bone, restore a natural jawline, as well as provide a solid foundation for implant supported teeth. These are the techniques.

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    Bone augmentation has already been mentioned. But there is also the sinus lift and the ridge expansion. The bone augmentation is required for regenerating bone in the jaw when it is not able to support implants. When bone additives and growth factors are used to fortify bone, best results are possible. The sinus lift is also referred to as the sinus augmentation or sinus elevation. In this case, bone will be added below the sinus.

    This will be done in cases whether the natural bone has deteriorated because of missing upper back teeth. The ridge expansion is used if the jaw is not wide enough to support the dental implants. Bone graft material could be added to a small ridge or space. This space is created along the top of the jaw. The correct choice is made once the 3D imaging process and treatment planning work has been completed by the presiding dentist.